Getting a Pay Day Loan in West Jordan, Utah is Easy as 1-2-3

Money in hand

Utah residents earn a median income of $62,530 per year, although the incomes vary greatly from one part of the state to the next. Factors such as skills, experience, and industry also influence the annual income an individual receives.


Payday Loans Solve Financial Woes

When the wallet is empty and the bank account shows negative, the stress is great. How is it possible to live when there isn’t any money available? At Money 4 You, lending a helping hand is something that we enjoy. We like helping West Jordan residents see the bright of a day while minimizing some of the headache and stress in the process. Our fast and easy payday loan services gives you money just in the knick of time. Anyone in the West Jordan area can apply for and receive a payday loan, regardless of past credit history or other factors. Our payday loans are available without credit checks. Bad things sometimes happen to good people, and we understand that.


West Jordan Payday Loan Facts

Adults 18 and older who’ve found themselves needing cash can apply for a payday loan. For approval, you’ll need at least one month on the job with proof of income, a social security number, and a valid driver’s license or identification card. An application is the first step in getting a payday loan.

Payday loans are meant to fill the gap between paydays. You’ll write a post-dated check that is held until your next payday usually, this is no more than two weeks. The loan amount and a small interest fee is paid at this time since the check is deposited into your bank account.

When you work with our payday loan company, expect to hear yes on your application. We love saying yes because it feels good knowing that we are helping people in need. Money obtained from a payday loan can be used for any purpose, whether you need cash to cover expenses for the week, for an unexpected car repair, or even to fund a vacation. We never ask any questions!

We offer payday loans up to $3,000, with minimum amounts starting at $50. We do our best to provide the amount of money requested, however, base your loan approval amount on ability to repay the money. Our goal is to help you through your financial struggle, not add to them.


Complete an Online Payday Loan Application Today

Completing an online payday loan application is the first step in getting the money you need. The simple application takes just minutes to complete. Once submitted, we’ll review the details, and give you an answer within 24-hours. We love to say yes to your financial needs, and if approved for a payday loan, we’ll get the money in your bank account the very same day.


Let us Solve Your Financial Dilemmas

When you need money, it is stressful and hard to think about anything else. We understand your struggles and want to make them better. We’d love to provide you with a payday loan in the amount that you need. Complete your application, or contact us today, and we’ll solve your financial dilemmas finally.


About the Author:

Mr. Money Mike is the owner of Money for You Pay Day Loans in Utah. He has been serving the community for over 20 years and has kept that small-town, friendly business feel ever since.



Author: money4youpaydayloans

Money 4 You Payday Loans is locally owned and operated. We’ve also been serving the Utah community for over 20 years. We started out as a small Mom and Pop operation with just one store in Sunset, Utah. We’ve kept that small-town, friendly business feel ever since, even as our success has pushed our business to heights. Even though we now have over 21 convenient locations along the Wasatch front, as well as an additional location in Idaho, we’ve kept our rates the same since the first day our doors opened. To keep the same rates for 20+ years is almost unheard of in any industry, but we’ve done it to show our customers that we offer the best service. Not only are our employees top-notch, but we also pride ourselves in our customer service that is second to none in the payday loans industry. We realize that bad things sometimes happen to good people and financial crises don’t discriminate. That’s why we’re here for you, whether you need some extra cash to pay a medical bill or you just want to get someone special a gift, even if that special someone is you. Money 4 You Payday Loans is your payday loan specialist; while most of our competitors do everything from title loans to signature loans, installment loans, and check cashing with payday loans on the side, Money 4 You keeps our focus limited so we can do one thing better than everyone else. That’s why you can trust us when it comes to your payday loan. Another thing that sets Money 4 You apart from everyone else is our dedication to the community. We love giving back by offering things like free iPads, big screen TVs, laptops, cell phones, and cash. You can visit our Facebook page to keep on top of our upcoming events, or you can tune in to local radio stations to find some of our fantastic giveaways. We love to interact with our clients, so we hope to hear from you soon! Apply for your payday loan at TODAY!

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