Money Tips for the New Year

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The New Year is finally here, and as far as resolutions are concerned, financial success is one of the most popular ones. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for younger people to save money and get on the property ladder, thanks to the high inflation and interest rates. There are numerous ways of saving money or getting additional income — including options such as installment loansbut most of them call for fundamental changes in the way that we manage our finances.

The Christmas period can be financially draining, and when its finally over, many people find themselves in a financial crisis. Whether your New Year’s resolution is to become stricter with your spending or open a savings account, here a few money-saving tips to ease your money woes:


Weigh Your Transportation Options

According to a 2016 article in Forbes, engaging in thrifty modes of transportation can save you money. The biggest way to save money that way is walking, but when that’s not possible, there are other ways to reduce the money you use to get from one point to another. If you have to drive, carpooling or sharing a car can help you save money. The bus, subway, and other modes of public transportation are easy options when available.

Limit Online Shopping

Buying stuff online is easy. All you have to do is place an item on the cart, make the payment, and wait for the delivery. As a result, many people develop a habit of making frivolous purchases online, which reduces the amount you have for savings. If you are a frequent online shopper, avoid creating accounts with your favorite sites as it makes more convenient to make a purchase. Having to enter a shipping address and your credit card number every time you make a purchase can make online shopping less tempting.


Make Bagged Lunches and Stay in For Dinner

Eating in on the weekends and bringing your bagged lunch to work can save you a lot of money. In November 2015, USA Today reported about a survey that showed that an average US citizen spends $1,043 every year eating out for lunch. Yahoo Finance reports that eating in restaurants has increased by 2-3 percent every year. That’s a trend that anyone looking forward to making some saving this year needs to move away from.


Limit Credit Card Usage

It’s very easy to lose track of home much money you are using if all you do is swipe your card. Therefore, in most cases, the use of credit cards often leads to difficulty in saving money. You are more likely to save money if you use cash and set a strict limit for yourself. That way, you will always be in control of your spending, which can help you save money.

If you happen to find yourself in a sticky situation financially, worry not. There are ways to get out and get back on your feet. Utahans and Idahoans can get installment loans — repaid in a set number of scheduled installments over time — from Money 4 You Payday LoansCall us or visit our website to apply.


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3 Money Mangement Resolutions for New Year’s

3 Money Mangement Resolutions for New Year's

It’s a fresh start to another beautiful year, and an incredible time to set some great money management related resolutions. You should set small practical objectives to help you to accomplish your bigger objectives. Set up an emotionally supportive network to make it less demanding to achieve your budgetary objectives. It is vital to gauge your progress consistently. As you get ready for the New Year, here is a rundown of three basic money management resolutions that you might consider setting this year.


Start to Budget

Planning is the most vital thing you can do to enable you to be fiscally effective. There are many individuals who profit a lot but have little money. This is because they don’t handle their cash very well. The way to doing this is to plan for where you will spend your cash and stick to it. In the event that you experience serious difficulties adhering to a spending plan set by you, you can consider using envelope framework. This will help you to quit spending once you have achieved the breaking point every month.


Clear Your Debt

Coming out of debt is another key advance to taking control of your accounts. By truly concentrating on clearing your debt, you can decrease the sum you pay in interest. It is additionally an unbelievable freedom to be without any debt on the head; be it of the payday loans or other big loans. You have more opportunity to do the things that you need to do. You have more noteworthy employment adaptability and you can quit paying the premium and begin procuring interest when you are without debt. You should begin by setting up a debt-clearing design.


Start Saving Money

Saving is another essential key to money related achievement. You ought to spare no less than 10% of your salary every month. This cash will then accumulate rapidly and will help you in dealing with your retirement commitments. By setting up a habit of saving now, you are opening the entryways for what you can do amid your retirement years. In the event that you are attempting to discover approaches to spare some cash, you can begin by decreasing some of your expenses.

You ought to take in more knowledge about dealing with your cash as well. You can do this on the web, or by perusing books and magazines. You may likewise need to start investing the cash you are saving. This enables you to add up your cash at a considerably faster rate. In the event that you are uncertain of contributing on account of the present economic situations or on the grounds that you don’t see how the business sectors function, set aside the opportunity to converse with a financial planner. They can enable you to comprehend the dangers and advantages of investing. For procuring some extra cash to either pay for your medical bills or some other needs like gifting, Money For You Pay Day Loans, your Pay Day loan specialist, can help you fulfill your needs.


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3 Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel

3 Ways to Get Money for Holiday Travel

According to a recent survey, most Americans end up traveling mostly in the months of November and December for holidays. Individuals flock all over to visit their loved ones and make some quality, unforgettable memories. It’s true – there is nothing like returning home during Christmas. The feeling that home gives especially during the festive season is something else altogether. Sadly, some people aren’t able to do so due to financial constraints. Something as simplistic as returning home for the festive season costs money. There’s good news for those of you, who want to save up money and keep their expenses limited to minimum. This Christmas, enjoy your holiday without worrying about spending too much money. Payday loans can help you enjoy these well-earned vacations.

Following given are the top three ways to get money for holiday travel:

Avoid last-minute preparations

Waiting till the last minute to finalize or confirm important details of your travel is the worst decision to make. While, you will be able to book a seat in the flight that you want, it will come at a hefty price. People generally end up paying double the cost of their airline tickets just because they end up booking the tickets at the last minute. According to the information provided by a travel website called Hopper, the prices for flight tickets especially ten days before Christmas are at its highest. So, now you know which months to avoid in order to not end up paying a lot of money.


Don’t travel during peak times

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to saving money on traveling during the holiday season, is to ensure that you’re not travelling off-peak. For example, most individuals would ideally return to work the very next day after Thanksgiving. However, you can avoid that by pre-planning your holidays accordingly. Missing the first day of work right after your holidays won’t end up being of high consequence. Try to have a flexible attitude towards such things as they make a lot of difference especially when it comes to saving money.


What are carpools for?

Individuals end up spending a lot of money on traveling – be it on flight tickets or automobile fuel. Yes, it’s true. You end up spending just as much, even if you decide to take the road. The best way to save money while traveling by road is carpooling. Find others who want to go to the same destination as you and divide the traveling expense amongst yourselves. There are a lot of applications both on IOS and Android play store platforms where you can find people who are traveling to the same destination as you. Car-hailing apps like Uber also have begun providing similar services.

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3 Ways to Apply for a Black Friday Cash Advance?

3 Ways to Apply for a Black Friday Cash Advance (apply phone, online, in-person)

The term “Black Friday” denotes a disaster or a financial chaos (do not confuse it with the holiday). The modern lifestyle has its own share of chaos that involves expenditures. For instance, an accident causes medical expenditures or a natural disaster such as snowstorm may involve expenditures related to car and home repair. We are all prone to these uncertain incidences. But what options do we have when we face these types of financial emergencies that occur between the paychecks? Fortunately, certain agencies today are offering the Black Friday cash advance loans and payday loans in Utah to help solve the financial dilemmas. Below are 3 ways that will get you a cash loan easily. Follow them when you face a financial emergency and wish to get some instant money.


Search for the relevant agency

Different financial agencies have offices in the various states of the USA. You do not have to run from pillar to post to find out more about these. An online search is sufficient to reveal to you all possible avenues. All you need is a PC, Laptop, Tablet, or a Smartphone along with an internet connection.



Applying for the loan

Once you find out the genuine and credible loan providers, you have to start your application process online itself. You will need proof of your social security account number, a government issued ID and a bank account that is at least 1 month old verification. The application form has 3 parts that you can fill out online. The loans are also available to individuals who have bad credit scores. Therefore, you need not worry about your financial history when you want to avail a payday loan.


Receive a written check for your loan

The loan approval process is quick and easy! Once you are approved, you receive a written check. The creditor also informs you about the interest rates and other terms and conditions associated with the loan. Hence you can find out all relevant information related to your loan and can solve your financial emergency easily. The loan provider will hold your check for a month and draw the relevant amount once your paycheck arrives. The loan process is swift and efficient and you do not face any hassles when you want a payday or a Black Friday loan.


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3 Ways Payday Loans Can Help During a Financial Emergency

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There are times in life when a financial emergency requires immediate action. The average person in the United States has less than $5,000 saved. In an emergency, many people require additional cash to resolve a financial issue. Here are several ways that we can help you with payday loans in Utah.


Cash for Medical Issues

One of the most common reasons for needing a payday loan is a medical issue. Even with insurance, the cost of medical care is going up every year. There are many people who cannot afford to go to the doctor to get the medical care they need. When a major medical event takes place, they have to get a payday loan just to pay their hospital bills.


It is vital to get the medical treatment that you need. At Money 4 You Payday Loans, we want to help you in any way that we can. We offer a comprehensive line of payday loans Utah to fit your financial needs. Instead of waiting for your medical issue to get treated, come see us to get the financial help you need.


Car Issues

Another major financial issue that comes up is the need to repair or replace a vehicle. There are few people who have the cash on hand to replace their car in the event of a major issue. If you have to drive a long distance to work, having a car is not optional. You need to figure out a financial plan to fix or replace your car.


Our team has a variety of different car replacement options for our customers. This is one of the reasons that so many people come to work with our team. Instead of worrying about your vehicle, come get the cash you need to repair or replace it. This is one of the best investments that you can make in your life.


Business Failure

Some people come to us after having a major business failure. Starting a business is a dream for various people. However, starting a business requires investing a lot of personal capital to get it going. There are times when companies go out of business and the owners are left with the bills.


Although a payday loan is not the only solution in this situation, it can be a great way to pay down any personal expenses during this time. As a business owner, you need to have the proper financial protection for your personal finances. If you are struggling after a business failure, come by and see us today to look at our loan options.


If you run into a financial issue, our team is ready to help. We have years of experience in the financial planning and lending industry. Someone from our team will sit down with you to assess your financial position. You need to look at all of your options before you make a final decision. Contact us today to get the process started.


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Mr. Money Mike is the owner of Money for You Pay Day Loans in Utah. He has been serving the community for over 20 years and has kept that small-town, friendly business feel ever since.


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5 Habits of the Average Millionaire

5 Habits of the Average Millionaire

Do you know the habits of all average millionaires contributed a lot to their transformation from ordinary to seven-figure status? Over the last 20 years as a provider of low-interest pay day loans in Utah, we, at Money 4 You Payday Loans, have had the opportunity to work with thousands of average millionaires and discovered many of their habits that are unique to them alone. Here we present five of the habits that you can emulate and be successful as well.


They are Avid Readers

From our experience, it’s actually true that all millionaires read consistently. They would rather acquire a lot of knowledge consistently than be entertained. Eighty-eight percent of these individuals actually devote at least 30 minutes each day to self-improvement reading. Most wealthy people, including Bill Gates, read biographies of successful people, history, and personal development.


Understand Delayed Gratification

The average millionaire spends a lot of their time sacrificing temporary pleasures for the sake of long-term success. They don’t have any problem living in a modest house, putting on inexpensive clothes, or buying a used or older car. This way, they are able to save for retirement, college, or build up a large down payment for their dream homes.


Stay away from Debt

To successful people, the idea of taking too much debt doesn’t resonate with them. Whenever they want something that they can’t afford, they save and pay cash at a later date. Since none of us can ever completely control what crops up in our lives, however, they sometimes do take our pay day loans in Utah. But they pay promptly to stay debt free.


Hangs Out with Millionaires

We advise that if you want to be a millionaire, spend a lot of time with millionaires. Just as musicians hang around other musicians, average millionaires spend time with other wealthy individuals. They use these opportunities to learn from others so they can learn from them and continue to grow. People who want to know how to create wealth must network with those who are already successful to know what they read, what they do, what drives them, and how they stay motivated. They need to emulate their success, know what they are doing to create wealth, and also follow their example.


They Give

Whether it’s giving to support a church project or just supporting friends, millionaires surely have a caring spirit. It has dawned on them that the best thing one can do with wealth is to help others. They have realized that they can’t use all their resources while they are still alive and also can’t take them when they die. That’s what motivates them to continue building their wealth.


If you want to be successful with money and think hard work is all that matters. Think again. Successful people follow these habits. What’s more, when they have emergencies, they don’t shy away from loans. If you need pay day loans in Utah, you can contact us, at Money 4 You Payday Loans, and we will gladly solve the setback.


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5 Ways to Avoid Going Broke on Vacation

5 Ways to Avoid Going Broke on Vacation

It is astounding to think that the average American spends $1,145 per person per year on vacation according to That is well over four-thousand dollars for a family of four. We love our vacations, and we all deserve to take a break from the grind at the office from time to time. However, it is better to learn some ways to avoid going broke while on vacation to make returning to work a little less painful.


Create A Game Plan Ahead Of Time

The feeling of arriving at the destination of your vacation and settling in for some relaxing times ahead is hard to top. Before ever arriving at that point though, it is advisable to try to have a plan for what you want to do on vacation.


The mistake that a lot of families make is just having some vague idea of the things they want to do when they arrive at their vacation destination. They keep adding things to that mental list as time goes on and as they hear about more opportunities. The next thing they know, they have overextended themselves by trying to cram too many activities into one regular sized vacation.


Instead of falling for this all too common trap, consider planning ahead and picking just a few activities that you absolutely want to get done.


Don’t Worry About What Others Think

Someone out there is always going to take a more expensive (and perhaps more fun) vacation than you. It is just a fact of life that you have to accept and quite honestly get over. There is no point in trying to compete with someone else on social media or elsewhere over who has taken the most fun vacation.


Taking the tactic of competition to your vacation makes you lose sight of what the whole thing is about in the first place. Remember, you are there to relax and spend time with your family. This event is not about getting one up on your neighbors or co-workers.


Consider Your Financing Options Ahead Of Time

It is not uncommon for someone to look at pay day loans Utah ahead of time to see what they can do about getting a little extra cash out. Paying for your vacation with cash rather than a credit card may help you to save money as well. You will be less tempted to spend more than you can reasonably afford to take care of. A cash vacation often ends up resulting in less overall spending.


Don’t Give In To Whining Children

You love your children and would do anything for them, but that does not make them good judges of how you should spend your money on vacation. Children want everything on vacation. Some of the things children will see and beg you to get them are:

  • Expensive Toys
  • Apparel
  • Overpriced Food

The vacation industry knows that a lot of parents will give in to their children asking for something, and that is why they offer such outrageously priced items. Do not buy them.


Don’t Eat Out As Much

Getting to eat meals outside of the home is a big part of what vacations are all about. However, if you borrow pay day loans Utah to fund your vacation, you would probably like more of that money to go towards experiences while on vacation.


While eating out at new and interesting places while on vacation is part of the experience, try to limit how much of it you do. Don’t go and spend all of your vacation money on food when you could spend more on fun.


In conclusion, while vacations are meant to be a lot of fun, too many people overspend while on them. Spending too much money on vacation can suck a lot of the fun right out of it. If you want to avoid this outcome, just prepare in advance for how to handle it. You will not regret this decision.


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Mr. Money Mike is the owner of Money for You Pay Day Loans in Utah. He has been serving the community for over 20 years and has kept that small-town, friendly business feel ever since.